How to build Standard e-Commerce Processing Flow!

Here’s a standard e-commerce processing flow:

  1. Product Selection: The customer browses the online store and selects the desired products or services.
  2. Shopping Cart: The selected items are added to the shopping cart, where the customer can review and modify their choices.
  3. Checkout: The customer proceeds to the checkout process, where they provide their billing and shipping information.
  4. Payment Processing: The customer selects a payment method (such as credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer) and enters the required details. The payment is then processed securely.
  5. Order Confirmation: Once the payment is successfully processed, the customer receives an order confirmation with the details of their purchase.
  6. Fulfillment: The order is forwarded to the fulfillment team, who pick, pack, and prepare the products for shipping.
  7. Shipping: The package is handed over to the shipping carrier, and the customer is provided with a tracking number to monitor the shipment.
  8. Delivery: The shipping carrier transports the package to the customer’s specified address.
  9. Receipt and Feedback: The customer receives the package, confirms its contents, and provides feedback or reviews the purchased items.
  10. Returns and Customer Support: In case of any issues or returns, the customer contacts customer support, and the necessary assistance is provided.

It’s important to note that this flow can vary slightly depending on the specific e-commerce platform and the customization implemented by the business.

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